Hello stars.

I'm Claire. 

By trade, I'm a Registered Nurse seeking  to care for whole people. I see through a lens of care for individuals and communities. 

By art, I am a dancer, writer and the host of the podcast what the hell is up. 

I strive to ask myself and others what the hell is up while staying rooted in my original purpose and creative self. 

I am obsessed with local music and art. I want to carefully listen to what you are making.

I feature music that I hear around me from Seattle, Los Angeles and elsewhere. 

I believe that sound has the power to connect, inspire and hold us through loneliness, darkness, celebration, and healing. Sound can be a conduit of care. Listening well is an act of care. This is what the hell is up. 

Meet my Co-Host: 

Season Two Teaser Video:

Teaser Vid.mp4

Music by Afterspace 

Filming by Marlena Bennett

Graphics and animation by Aubrey McMichael 

Sparkling video editing and directing by Claire Moore